Initiative Petition Summary

The purpose of the initiative draft Bill is to stop construction of the Site C Dam project currently underway on the Peace River.

the draft Bill states that the May 2014 Joint Federal-Provincial Review Panel report on the project was found to have unsupported claims and procedural inconsistencies, and that the November 2017 BC Utilities Commission report concluded that the project is not needed for future energy power in British Columbia.

The draft Bill would require the Site C Dam project to be cancelled, and would come into effect on Royal Assent.

BC registered voters have the once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in this initiative from July 3, 2018 til October 1, 2018

Only 1 in a 1,000 citizens participated
in this initiative to cancel the Site C Dam Project.


2 thoughts on “Perpetual Participatory Democracy

  1. The significance of direct democracy by referendum depends on several factors: Full Information, Protest and Debate, computer technology, and willingness to participate.

    Full information is Indispensable to DD. Without it, and specially when partial information is misused with an ill intention of confusing the issue, the outcome of a referendum can become skewed.

    Protest and Debate – can generate publicity, can educate others, can clarify the issue, and can give a sense of solidarity and personal satisfaction.

    Although, protest demonstrations and civil disobedience alone have achieved social change in some cases, being informed and just protesting, in most cases, will not necessarily bring social change.

    Michael Nagler in his book, “In Search for a Nonviolent Future” says: “The tail of protesting wrongs would never wag the dog of building a society.”

    Computer technology has enabled DD in recent times. It would not have been possible, fifty years ago, to propagate information to millions of people and tabulate the results of referendums instantly, as we are able to do now a days.

    Willingness to Participate is the Essence of DD

    We can have all the information necessary to form an opinion; we can endlessly protest and debate the wrongs of our governments; we can have the ultimate computer technology to gather and tabulate our collective vision, but if we don’t participate in a referendum, selecting what we want, social change will not come automatically from above.


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